MM Medic’s tubes for PRF-therapy

MM Medic tubes for PRF-therapy

This kind of tubes allows to obtain two bioproduction types:

  • Platelet rich fibrin for application
  • Platelet rich form for injections.

The amount of platelets in PRF, which can be obtained according to MM Medic protocols, repeatedly exceed the amount which can be obtained using the tubes with separation gel.

Additionally the PRF-therapy with tubes from MM Medic allows:

  • reduce the wounds healing time
  • eliminate the scars
  • rehabilitate the youth of genital areas

In surgery practice PRF-therapy with MM Medic tubes allows:

  • Reduce the healing time for post-surgical suture
  • improve the healing of the wounds
  • repair the metabolism and mobility of the joints
  • improve the activity of musculoskeletal system
  • rehabilitate the youth of genital areas

Using the MM Medic procedures and tubes for PRF allows to obtain fibrin gel which is unique and natural material for bioreinforcement. The Injection of PRF allow to:

  • Rehabilitate the volume of soft tissues
  • Improve the face line eliminating the sinking-down of the skin
  • Make the correction of the wrinkles and other lines connected with age
  • Eliminate the deep wrinkles

PRF-therapy with MM Medic tubes is pretty compatible with other treatments and procedures

  • plasmotherapy and PRP-therapy
  • biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid
  • mesotherapy
  • lipografting
  • cell therapy (autofibroblast, transplantation, SVF)
  • rehabilitation after plastic surgery

Using the required protocols of PRP-therapy application in conjunction with other methods allows to get the potentiation of healing effect and to achieve an optimal rejuvenating effect at molecular, cell and tissue level.
The tubes and protocols of MM Medic guarantee the safeness and maximum effect in your treatment!