MM Medic tubes for PRF-therapy with sodium citrate

MM Medic tubes for PRP (Professional) with sodium citrate

Introducing the New Platelet-Rich Plasma Medical Tube.
We have designed the tube for your convenience:

  • Less painful sensations with the new anticoagulant
  • You get 20% more plasma thanks to the increased tube size
  • New medical rubber stopper is easy to open
  • The tube is made of special glass
  • Individual packaging containing a sterile tube
  • The packaging is equipped with our innovative sterility indicator
  • Barcode for automation in accounting systems

PRP-therapy effects

Skin tone increasing
and complexion

The PRP allows to improve the view and color of the skin, improve the tone, reduce the photo and chronological aging, smooth the wrinkles, scars, etc.

Own cells

Target stimulation of skin resurfacing using own resources of the body.

Launch of the revitalization

Due the high concentration of growth factors in platelets the PRP starts the program of skin remodeling.

Clinically the PRP-therapy guarantees visible and long-term result in the form:

  • Wrinkle-smoothing effect
  • Natural lifting effect, ptosis elimination
  • Improvement of color, structure and view of the skin
  • Skin turgor enhancement and skin elasticity
  • Recovery of the tissue volume and face proportion

The PRP-therapy with MM Medic tubes is absolutely compatible with other healing methods and procedures

  • Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid
  • Mesotherapy
  • Lipografting
  • Cell therapy (autofibroblast, transplantation, SVF)
  • Contour plastic surgery
  • Various methods of machine cosmetology – fractional photothermolysis, d'arsonvalization, RF-lifting, SMAS-lifting, etc.
  • After chemoexfoliation
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgery

Using the required protocols of PRP-therapy application in conjunction with other methods allows to get the potentiation of healing effect and to achieve an optimal rejuvenating effect at molecular, cell and tissue level.
The tubes and protocols of MM Medic guarantee the safeness and maximum effect in your treatment!